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Complimenting Chair Sash And Table Runner Colours With Your Venue

Your choice of chair sash and table runner colour, style and texture can really impact the overall look of your wedding venue. You might be surprised at how many options we have at Frily’s Boutique so let’s look at what needs to be considered.

We want the colour to compliment the venue, so you need to decide on your wedding theme, colour palette and style before you select your chair and table coverings. 

If you are having a rustic farm or barn wedding, the Hessian and lace chair sashes or plain hessian chair sashes look great. They will match the wooden interiors in a natural way and keep the look stylish. Brightly coloured sashes look beautiful at outdoor weddings in gardens or summery beach weddings. 

Your wedding day vision might include a particular colour theme or palette. With so many colours to choose from, you are sure to find a shade to match your colour theme. We have various colours of chair sashes and table runners, including pretty pastels, bright hues and neutral colours like ivory, black, and navy blue. 

Satin chair sashes add a dash of colour that pops in photos and video and real life. These sashes have a shimmery finish and also come in many colours. If you want to have a very rich decadent-looking reception, you can’t go wrong with deep green, burgundy, navy blue, or even black. If your vibe is more festive and fun, the lighter colours can lend themselves well. 

Organza chair sashes are slightly translucent and add a feminine touch that is chic and luxurious. 

Keep in mind the style of wedding you want. Is it elegant, luxurious, casual, contemporary, or rustic? Check with the venue to see what colour table cloths they have. Also, ask if they are providing any items such as candle holders or linens and make sure your colours match. Also, consider your flowers. Will the colour of your sashes and runners complement the florals or steal the show with their vibrancy? Check the style of chair you will be using for the wedding ceremony and reception. We have chair covers for rent which can be great if you don’t like the style of the chair offered by your venue. 

There might be times to use two colours. For example, if you were having a bright Indian wedding or love blasting the colour, you might choose two shades of blue or mix blue and purple. This vibrant look can work well if your venue isn’t too busy. In a room with many white walls or ceiling to floor windows, this technique could work well. On the other hand, using a colour on every second chair (alternating with bare chairs or ivory sashes) can tone down the overall impact of colour. 

We also have venue dressing packages that include chair covers, sashes, table runners, and many more essential decor items to make your wedding space look wonderful. 

Feel free to reach out to our Frily’s Boutique experts any time you need help with decor and styling. We know sometimes all the colours and options can be overwhelming since they are all so beautiful. 

hessian and lace chair sash
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