Sweet Cart, LOVE letters & Selfie Pod ONLY £269!

Selfie Pod £149

Unlimited Time

Frily’s Boutique Selfie Pod runs on our own custom software with easy to use on screen directions so it does not need a member of staff to operate. This means when you hire the Frily’s Boutique Selfie Pod we don’t limit the time you can have it to 2 or 3 hours, you can have it for the whole day!

Unlimited Photos

Frily’s Boutique Selfie Pod connects to Wifi* at your venue so guests can email their photos directly to themselves….no need to carry a print around that can get damaged or lost and because the photos are not printed their really is no limit to the amount that can be taken!

Unlimited Fun

When hiring the Frily’s Boutique Selfie Pod you can choose to add a selection of props and inflatables to help your guests find the perfect pose and because you have the props and the Selfie Pod all day with no limit to the number of photos it really does provide unlimited fun at your wedding!!

Frily’s Boutique Selfie Pod runs on our own custom software that we developed specifically for weddings. When a session starts it takes 3 photos and places them into a photostrip that your guests can then add a message to. They can then email the photostrip to themselves and you get a copy of that email in real time – view your wedding from a unique perspective as it happens! You can also order a photobook with all the strips and messages from your event, acting as a digital guest book and giving you a lasting memory of how your day went.

*No Wifi? No problem! Our Selfie Pod works ‘offline’ and just queues and sends any photos the next time it does connect to Wifi

Sweet Cart £80

Our Sweet Cart is available for full day hire and comes stocked as standard with 2 large jars, 2 glasses and 6 small jars of different sweets ranging from marshmellows and jellies to toffees and chewies, and may vary from event to event and image shown. The sweet cart also comes complete with utensils and paper sweet bags.

Additional jars can be added to increase the number of sweets on your cart.

Table Top Ferris Wheel £50

This beautiful table top ferris wheel with 10 sweetie trays is perfect as a smaller option to our sweet cart….or a perfect addition!

4 ft Light Up LOVE Letters £75
Check Availability

We Donuts!

We love them so much we have 3 donut walls for you to choose from and we guarantee you, your guests will love them too!

5 ft Donut Wall £95

110 Donuts

4 ft Heart Donut Wall £70

65 Donuts

Table Top Donut Stand

70 Donuts

Post Box £40

Choose between either our traditional or wishing well postboxes, at 3 ft tall these are both perfect to sit on your gift table

Traditional Post Box

Blossom Package £200

Stunning 10ft Blossom Tree Arch and 10 x 4ft Blossom Tree Centrepieces

Twinkle Package £150
6m x 3m Twinkle Backdrop, 6m Twinkle Skirt and Twinkle Cake Stand
Check availability
Twinkle Backdrop £100
6m x 3m adjustable twinkle backdrop
Check availabilty
Top Table Mr & Mrs £50
Check Availability
2m x 2m Flower Wall £100
Check availability

Rose Tree Columns £50

2 x Rose Tree Columns perfect to frame your aisle entrance or top table

4 ft Rose Trees £40

4 x 4 ft Rose Trees to line your aisle or frame doorways

Bridal Prep to First Dance only £299
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