Is your bridal prep setting ready for your photographer?

If you can prepare the room where you are getting ready, so it looks organised and tidy before your photographer arrives, it will help the day go smoother and your photographer will be super grateful. 

You can take care of these details yourself or delegate them to one of the bridal party. 

Put everything that needs to be photographed in one place, including jewellery, veil, shoes, gifts, cards and perfume bottle. When your photographer arrives, they can say hello and get straight to work on photographing the gorgeous details without interrupting you. Your hair and make-up artist will probably be busy creating your dream bridal look and will also appreciate the planning. (The wedding dress can be hanging up.)

Remove all clutter, including water bottles, dirty plates and glasses, laundry and unneeded items. Focus on the areas that will be in the photos and attempt to get the room looking as minimalistic as possible. Your wedding photos will look clean, fresh and modern without distractions in the background. 

Open the curtains and let as much natural light into the room as possible. Try to predict where you will be sitting for hair and make-up and also make sure that area is neat and tidy. If you are unsure, you can send a. photo or video of the room layout to your MUA, who will likely know where you will be seated. Usually, that will be near a window so they can have as much soft natural light flowing onto your face while they work.

Have some of your flowers handy for your photographer to use to style the detail shots. Your hairstylist might also like some for your hair or for the bridal party or guest’s hair. If they can be matching the flowers in your bouquet or at the ceremony venue, it will be perfect. You can ask your florist, wedding planner or event organiser for flowers to be delivered to your room before the photographer arrives, or you might like to pick up some blooms at the market or from your own garden. 

For the groom and his side of the groom party, you can give them instructions to prepare their room where they are getting ready in the same way. They probably won’t have so many wedding details to photograph, so the job is a bit easier for them. Usually, the photographer will be in the bride’s room first before going to the boy’s room. You might like to remind them that the photographer will be arriving shortly to make sure the job is done in case they forget in the excitement of the day. 

Whether you are getting glammed up at home or your wedding venue, your wedding photographer is going to be really impressed if you help by taking care of these details. It will reflect nicely in your photos and save time, which will help everyone relax and have fun.

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