Making the perfect wedding cake!

Your wedding cake is the dessert of your life. This cake is so important it has its own moment on the wedding day. The cutting of the cake is always one that excites your guests. It also is probably the biggest cake you will order and it might be double, triple or quadruple tiered. 

So it needs to be stable. That is where dowels come in.

What is a dowel? A dowel is a wooden or plastic rod that goes into a multi-tiered cake to support it. It helps hold the weight of the tier above it. The more layers you have, the more critical the dowels are. If you have a large cake, your cake maker might use a center dowel that goes right through the middle to strengthen it. Without the proper support, your wedding cake could topple over and be ruined. 

Your cake should be on a solid cake stand or surface, so the dowels don’t move. 

Dowels also help your cake keep its shape and hold decorations like icing flowers in place. Even if your cake leans slightly to one side, this could cause the fancy icing details to move or fall off. This could also be important if you have a soft cake or wedding cake covered with soft icing. If you are getting married in the tropics at a gorgeous destination wedding, your cake would be more sensitive to heat than if you are serving it up in an air-conditioned ballroom. 

Regardless, it is a great idea to use dowels for multi-tiered cakes to be safe. The cake needs to be displayed for your wedding photographer and videographer to document before you cut it. When you cut the cake, all eyes (and phone cameras) are on the delicious treat and you want the moment to unfold perfectly. 

If you Google “wedding cake fails,” you will see videos of couples cutting their cake which turns into a toppling tower of sugar. Maybe it will put a smile on your face, but it would be terrible to see it in real life. Better safe than sorry by using dowels to support your special cake. 

Many cake makers will recommend you put the heaviest cake on the bottom layers to help support the tiers even more. For example, fruit cake is heavy, chocolate cake can be dense, and vanilla or lemon sponge is light. Your cake maker can advise you more on this when you choose your flavors. 

When you cut the cake, you need to be aware of the dowels to not strike one with the knife. Usually, when you cut the cake, it’s mainly for the photos. If you want to follow the old tradition of feeding each other, you can put a small piece of cake on a plate before giving each other a bite. Otherwise, you are smiling for the cameras and then the caterer will take the cake away to cut it up for your guests to eat. 

Make sure you use a professional cake supplier like Frily’s Boutique so your wedding cake is made well and, of course, tastes absolutely delicious. Check out some of our decadent wedding cake designs and get inspired about the sweetest treat for your best day ever.

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