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You will receive a minimum of 200 clear, focussed, well presented, professional quality images documenting every part of your day so you can save, print and share until your hearts content


You can relax and enjoy your day knowing we are not just professional photographers, we are wedding experts with hundreds of weddings completed so we have the experience to make sure your day runs smoothly


You don't have to wait forever for your photos, we guarantee we will deliver ALL your photos digitally within 2 weeks of your wedding so you can start to relive the memories from your special day

Introducing Memory Takers

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Your Memory Taker Wedding Day Experience

Everything you need to know for stunning memories…



Bridal Prep

Your Memory Taker will capture all the emotion and anticipation of your wedding day with beautiful bridal prep shots. They will arrive approximately an hour before you leave for the ceremony so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the start of your big day with your loved ones without us getting in the way! 

To ensure you make the most of your bridal prep session your Memory Taker will stage a number of posed photos to compliment the candid shots you will receive. We will ask you to specify any particular staged shots you would like in advance so your Memory Taker can make sure they capture your day the way you want it.

The bridal prep environment can be hectic dependant on the size of your bridal party so its a good idea to plan in advance and try and make sure there is an area for any staged photos that you are happy to be photographed in and look back on in years to come. 

If your bridal prep location is different to the ceremony location it is important that your Memory Taker leaves before you do so that they can capture your arrival at the ceremony. If you have a wedding car that you want featuring in photographs we recommend it arrives early to allow for any staged photos prior to your Memory Taker leaving.

The safety and welfare of our Memory Takers is of paramount importance to us and as such we ask if your bridal prep location is a residential address please refrain from smoking inside whilst your Memory Taker is present and ensure any dogs are under control.

Ceremony Arrival

When your Memory Taker arrives at your ceremony location they will have a lot to do so please bear this in mind when planning your arrival time. It is best for your Memory Taker to be arriving around 30 minutes before you do. The first thing your Memory Taker will do is speak to the person officiating your wedding to establish their rules during the ceremony, dependant on the official and the venue there can be restrictions placed on your Memory Taker and they need to be aware of these so they can still capture your special moments. Your Memory Taker will then introduce himself to the groom and take some shots of him waiting nervously whilst reassure them you are on your way!! Finally your Memory Taker will look to candidly capture your guests arrival as everybody eagerly awaits your arrival. 

If you are arriving at your ceremony location by car, or other transportation it’s helpful to ask one of your bridal party to grab your Memory Taker BEFORE you get out of the transport so your arrival can be properly memorialised. If your bridal prep is at the ceremony location it’s still helpful to ask one of your bridal party to grab your Memory Taker so that your arrival is still captured.

Don’t forget, when you arrive at the ceremony location you may need to speak to your wedding official prior to the ceremony starting, it’s a good idea to check what you need to do and factor that into your timings when planning your day.

The Ceremony

So you’ve made it – you’re about to get MARRIED!! This is one of the biggest moments of your life and you will want to remember it forever. Here are our top tips to make sure your memories are captured beautifully…

Guest Photography

Ask your wedding official to request guests don’t encroach into the aisle to take photos. Your Memory Taker will be will be capturing you walking down the aisle and you don’t want that view blocked by stray guests.

Reserve Seating

Make sure your bridal party has reserved seating at the front of the ceremony, and that they know where to go. They will be leading you down the aisle and if they don’t know where to go when they get to the end of the aisle it can lead to them obscuring your Memory Takers view.

Take your time

Resist the temptation to rush, take your time and saviour your walk down the aisle – not only will you enjoy the moment more but you will also give your Memory Taker more time to catch those perfect shots.


Your Memory Taker has one chance to capture you being given away, the exchange of rings and the all important first kiss. Pausing during these moments will help your Memory Taker by giving them take the shot.

Staged Photos

After your ceremony your Memory Taker will take as many staged photos with you and guests of your choosing, these are commonly referred to as ‘set photos’ and are usually straight after your ceremony at the ceremony location. It’s important to consider the backdrop to these photos so it’s a good idea to visit your ceremony venue and have a look round to find the perfect spot for your photos. If this spot is outside you may want to choose a second back up spot in case of bad weather on your wedding day. 

You will leave the ceremony first and all your guests will follow you so it’s best to go straight to the spot where you want the staged photos and in turn lead your guests there.

Take time before your wedding to decide who you want photos with and let them know in advance as it is common for guests to wander off during this section of your day. You may also want to consider a group shot first before anyone does wander off. You can provide a list of the staged photos you want in the My Account area of our website any time after you have made your booking so that your Memory Taker is prepared. Nominating a friend or family member to act as a Photography Coordinator and supplying them with your list of required photos can help to get the right people in the right place when needed and ensure you get every staged photo you wanted.

Finally, it’s your wedding day and you will be holding all your guests attention however you may want to allocate some time for staged photos of just the two of you, these will be some of your most treasured shots.


The Cake Cutting

This is one of the iconic wedding shots, to make sure your Memory Taker can capture it beautifully and that your guests can enjoy the moment you should consider the positioning of the cake table, if your cake is placed in a corner when you are cutting it you will have your back to everyone, including your Memory Taker! Try to make sure there is enough room for your Memory Taker to comfortably position themselves a minimum of 90° from you. If this is not possible you may want to discuss the option of moving the cake table for the cutting with your venue. Don’t forget once your Memory Taker has their shots your guests may want to get some photos too!

First Dance

This is the last part of your day your Memory Taker will capture. Whether you are a contender for strictly or you have two left feet it is very public intimate moment that may make you feel a little self conscious, our advice is to embrace it and savour it – block everything else out and just focus on each other. 

Your DJ can help make sure your first dance photos are ones to remember so you may want to discuss the first dance with them. Laser lighting is popular for discos however if laser lighting is used during your first dance the lasers will cover you in coloured spots so asking your DJ to turn off any lighting during your first dance is a good idea. It’s also helpful to turn the lighting in the room up slightly so your Memory Taker can get a better photo. Lastly by asking your DJ to announce the first dance will be starting approximately 5 minutes before it does allows everybody, including you Memory Taker to be in position ready for it starting.

If you prefer, you can request to add staged first dance shots from your Memory Taker so that you can be sure the conditions are perfect to capture your perfect moment.

Embrace The Unexpected
It doesn't have to spoil the shot!

How Your Booking Works

Before your Wedding Day

Once you have booked your Memory Taker you will gain access to your My Account area where you will find your Memory Planner. This is a document that allows you to detail the running order and requirements for your wedding day including timings (max 7 hours), bridal prep/ceremony/reception addresses, your required staged photos and where you would like them along with any other details. Once submitted your Memory Taker will review and contact you if required. Whilst you are in your My Account area you can also make payments from your outstanding balance.

On your Wedding Day

You Memory Taker will arrive at the agreed time and location armed with their camera ready to go. They will use the Memory Planner you submitted to make sure they capture all the images you wanted plus many more. Our Memory Takers will not stand back and wait for a photo opportunity to present itself - they will constantly be looking for the little looks, smiles and candid moments that will mean the most to you. They will also mingle around your guests and snap them enjoying your day.

After your day

Our Memory Takers will not keep you waiting long for your memories. They will be lightly edited to make sure they are straight and central and then they will be supplied through a digital portal , CD or USB. You can choose which you prefer during the checkout. We guarantee you will have digital copies of your memories delivered within 2 weeks.

Bridal Prep
Capture the anticipation as your bridal party prepare for your big day
Groomsmen shots
All the shots as you say 'I do'
Staged Photos
Sharing the day with your guests
Staged Photos
Memories to treasure
Natural Shots
Capturing the moment
Cutting of the Cake
First Dance
Making 2 left feet look like Strictly
Frily's Boutique
Trust us with your memories

Can I just say a massive thank you to the photographer, he was absolutely fantastic, everyone commented on how great he was!

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