Selfie Pod


You know you didn’t get all dressed up for nothing! It’s time to get in front of the camera and pose more fiercely than Naomi Campbell, Alexa Chung and Heidi Klum combined!

The selfie pod is the perfect way to capture all of those adorable selfies throughout the night. Plus with all of the props added you can really create the perfect scene for some really memorable photos! So smize, pout and smile your way to the cover of vogue (or just a really fancy photo album).

Want more info? Read the full description below!

Pay a 20% deposit per item

    All photo taken on the selfie pod will be sent straight to you as the couple and can also be sent out to the person taking the photo, all via email.

    Why not pair this with a photo album to really capture the hilarious behind the scenes fun!

    Designed and manufactured by Frily’s Boutique the digital selfie pod allows your guests to take selfies and email their photos to themselves inside a retro photostrip so they don’t have to carry any photos around with themselves for the remainder of the event and best of all – because it is purely digital there really is no limit on how many photos our selfie pod, or your guests can take! Best of all, you receive a copy of every session by email in real time!!

    Our own custom software allows users to add a message to the bottom of the photostrip and after the event all the photostrips taken can be printed in a photobook creating a digital guest book experience without the need for sticking or glueing and makes sure photos don’t fall in years to come creating a long lasting memory of your event and your guests comments.

    The digital selfie pod is simple and easy to use, with full instructions and prompts delivered on screen. Because of this there is no need for an attendant to operate the booth and allows us to offer full day rental giving you and your guests unlimited time to enjoy the selfie booth.

    When you hire the digital selfie pod you will may also hire a selection of props for you and your guests to pose with for the full duration of the rental – unlimited photos, unlimited time and unlimited fun!!

    *The Selfie Pod needs to connect to Wifi to be able to send the photostrips via email. If Wifi is not available the Selfie Pod will queue email requests and send them the next time it is connected to Wifi. All electrical equipment is fully PAT tested, certification is available upon request.

    So how does it work?

    A non-refundable 20% deposit is required to book with the remaining balance due no later than 8 weeks before the event date.

    You will be given access to an online account once you book where you can view your order and make payments towards your order.

    10 weeks before the day our experience manager will call you to discuss every part of your day in detail, time we can setup, any specific requirements etc. This is your chance to give us all the information, don’t worry we’ll email you and arrange the time of the call and let you know what information you’ll need to get together before the call.

    The week before you’ll get a call from the event manager who will just touch base to introduce themselves and give you their number so you have an on the day contact.

    Make sure your day is truly stunning, with Frily’s Boutique!

    We look forward to being part of your special day!