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Venue dressing is such a broad term that covers everything from chair covers to event hire it can be a little overwhelming knowing where to start and what you need. We are here to help and have carefully listed everything you need to know and consider so you can get all the ‘WOW without breaking the bank…..

Start with your venue

Some venues offer venue dressing, or elements of venue dressing like chair covers and centrepieces so the best place to start is to check exactly what you are getting with your package and what elements, if any, can be supplied by the venue or their recommended suppliers at an extra cost so you have a price to compare. Once you know this you can start shopping around, but please remember it’s important whilst you are looking that you consider the company as well as the prices, after all you are going to be trusting them with your wedding day! Check out our quick guide on choosing a wedding supplier…

Colours, Style and Space

In the computing world CSS is a language that determines how content is viewed and makes sure everything looks perfect, in our world CSS stands for Colour, Style and Space, and does exactly the same, it makes sure everything looks perfect. Check the colours of fittings and walls in the room at your venue to try and make sure that your colour scheme will compliment rather than clash – for example if there is a green carpet you may want to steer away from reds. Consider the style of the room, a rustic looking centrepiece may look out of place in a sleek, modern room. Finally understand the available space at your venue, there is a wide range of event hire options throughout the industry that will compliment your venue dressing and add the wow factor to your wedding but if there is not enough space (or even too much space) it can spoil the look completely. By dressing the room rather than dressing your wedding you will make sure that you have a picture perfect setting for your wedding.

Work out your numbers

Knowing 2 numbers in particular, budget and guests, will help with decision making. It’s easy to get carried away when shopping at the best of times never mind when you are shopping for your wedding so working out a realistic budget before you start can help to sense check those extra purchases. Having a rough idea of the number of guests you will be inviting will help you with some obvious choices like how many chair covers you may want to order as well as some more not so obvious ones like what size cake to order, or whether to get the large donut wall or the extra large donut wall! Don’t worry if the guest list is not confirmed, most venue dressing companies are flexible with confirming final numbers closer to the day once you have all your RSVP’s returned.

Ceremony Dressing

The ceremony is actually what your wedding day is all about. When you dream about getting married it’s walking down the aisle, not the reception you dream of so don’t overlook it. Make your walk down the aisle as magical as you have dreamt. Check out your ceremony room and consider are there any wall fixtures you would like covering up – you can use flower walls and backdrops to hide anything you don’t like. If your ceremony is in a church you may need to check what decoration you can have, if you are in any other venue you may need chair covers and sashes, then consider what other dressing you would like from aisle runner carpets to ceremony table garlands. View our full range of ceremony styling options for inspiration.

Chair Covers

The main considerations for chair covers are how many you need and what colour sash to choose. if you are unsure if you need chair covers check out our chair cover & linen page for a before and after comparison. The number of guests attending your ceremony and reception will determine the number of chair covers you need but in addition you may want extra chair covers if you are having additional seating for your evening reception. If your ceremony is in the same place as your reception you may also want to check with your venue that the chairs used for the ceremony will also be used for the reception to keep the number of chair covers required to its minimum. 

When choosing the colour of your sashes be aware of the decor at the venue – the walls and carpets, to make sure your colour choice doesn’t clash. 

Some venues offer chair covers and sashes as part of their package so check before booking with anyone else, if your venue offers them for an extra cost or has a recommended supplier for chair covers and linen make sure you are getting value for money by getting some prices to compare.

You may also want to check with your venue and inform your chair cover supplier of any time restrictions as chair covers and sashes can take a while to fit!

Table Decor

There are a number of elements to table decor – centrepieces are the main element but you may also need name cards, table numbers and table confetti. As with everything else, check with your venue what is included with your package and if they supply elements at an extra cost or through a recommended supplier then shop around to make sure you are getting good value. 

Before choosing your table decor you should work out how may tables you will have. Most tables seat between 6 and 10 guests, it would be useful to have a rough idea of your table plan although most most venues offer a set number of tables.

When choosing table decor its important to consider the style of your venue, for example a rustic looking log centrepiece might look out of place in sleek and modern venue. If you are having candles with your centrepieces again its best to check with your venue that these can be lit, and that any young or vulnerable guests are sufficiently supervised. 

Name cards and table numbers often come in conjunction from your table plan supplier. Always double check the spelling when providing your guest list as your supplier will copy what you provide. If table numbers are not integral to your centrepiece you will need to consider where they will sit on the table and if they will compliment the centrepiece. Alternatively if you can make table locations clear on your table plan you won’t need table numbers.


Top Table Styling

The top table is the main focal point of your wedding reception, it’s where you will be sat and your guests will all be looking at you! Use backdrops or flower walls to hide any wall fixtures, or to add interest to bland walls. It can be a good idea not to have centrepieces on your top table so as not to obscure your view and your guests view of you! If you do want centrepieces bear this in mind and consider having one at either end of the table rather than in the middle which would be right in front of you. Flower garlands can add a touch of elegance to your top table and can be customised to match your colour scheme. Finally consider framing your top table to add the WOW factor to your wedding.

Event Hire

You can really engage your guests and enhance your wedding with a wide range of event hire options. From postboxes for cards to selfie pods and sweet carts, the options are endless. The main thing to consider is space…an empty room or a room too full will both detract from the overall impression of your wedding whereas the right amount of event hire will perfectly compliment your already stunning venue. The only other limitation is your imagination!

Something Missing?

At Frily’s Boutique we are committed to providing all you need for your wedding, and are always looking to add new items and services our customers want. If you are wanting something for your wedding that you can not see listed please get in touch – you can email or alternatively hit the live chat button to talk to us now.

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